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Jiangsu Huaxia stapling types and classification

Date2013-09-27 11:45:29

     Medical Devices Co., Ltd. , Jiangsu China has anorectal anastomosis stapler, disposable tube -shaped stapler , disposable linear stapler , disposable linear stapler and cutter assembly , disposable curved cutter stapler . There is also a one-time hemorrhoid ligation , disposable staplers and other esophageal ligation . Stapler variety, but different names . Initial contact , easy to distinguish .
 The so-called anastomosis stapler is a mechanical device to replace hand- stitched clinically . So also called stapler stapler . Depending on the classification , staplers have different names .
 Depending on the anastomotic site , stapler divided into: anorectal stapler, stapler esophagus , gastrointestinal stapling , intestinal anastomosis and so on. Which is also called anorectal hemorrhoids stapler stapler or PPH; anorectal stapler, stapler esophagus , gastrointestinal stapling , intestinal stapling , also referred to as the gastrointestinal stapler .
 Depending on the shape of the rear end face stapling , the stapler is divided into: the circular stapler , linear stapler, curved stapler .
 Depending on the characteristics of the product appearance stapler , stapler is divided into: straight tube -shaped stapler , elbow -shaped stapler .
 According to whether it fit the characteristics simultaneously cutting stapler is divided into: a simple stapler and cutter stapler . Some staplers name does not the word " cut" is , in fact, there are cutting function .
  According to the frequency of use of different stapler , stapler is divided into: one-time use and the use of multiple stapler stapler . Where the use of multiple stapling , also known as reusable stapling .
 Note that the stapler and the stapler is in the same noun ; wherein the linear stapler , also called the closure .
 According to the classification of the above explanation , it is easy to distinguish it.
 China anorectal stapler, circular stapler, a straight tube -shaped stapler, hemorrhoids stapler, is consistent with the cutting function simultaneously . China anorectal stapler, divided into one-time and multiple sexual anorectal anorectal stapler stapler . China use of multiple anorectal stapler, comprising a body portion ( commonly known as stainless steel or stapling gun ) and accessories section. The main part of the all stainless steel structure, can be reused, autoclavable . Attachment ( also called components ) section includes a cartridge ( also called the cartridge head , magazine ) , anal , a guide , a suture , Hook thread . Components using sterile packaging , disposable use . When used, the need to put the component parts and the main part of the provisional assembly . After use, remove the waste components, stainless steel stapler disinfected after waiting for the next use .
  China disposable tube -shaped part of the digestive tract stapler stapler, a stapler with cutting function is elbow -shaped stapler .
 China disposable linear stapler , belonging gastrointestinal stapling , suturing is a simple , no cutting function , commonly used in intestinal stump is closed , so also called closure . Foreign production in the closure stapler is specific to our disposable linear stapler .
 China Disposable linear cutting stapler and cutter assembly is linear stapler, tape cutting functions that foreign production GIA. Cutting and stitching once completed , most commonly in the stomach resection and suture. If you need more than two cutting sutures , sutures can be cut several times by replacing the cutting assembly .
 China Disposable curved cutter stapler , stapler with cutting function is commonly used in low rectal stapler . Given the special position of the lower rectum , for the convenience stapler , so the use of curved stapler .
 China disposable hemorrhoid ligation device is the use of the principle of ligation treatment and research and development equipment . Also called disposable stapler ligation of hemorrhoids .
 China Disposable esophageal ligation stapler, also uses the principle of ligation treatment and research and development equipment . Commonly used in variceal bleeding caused by ligation . These two ligation stapler, is not with the cutting function .