Colectomy one (side anastomosis)

Date2013-10-21 17:57:48

1. With right colon resection as an example. First, set the terminal ileum purse sutures, prepare placed anvil head. Then lift the transverse colon, the insertion end to end anastomosis vein from one end of Germany, poke a small hole (from the intestinal side about 4 ~ 5cm) in the intestinal wall.

2. Veins connecting two parts of Germany and end to end anastomosis device and cocked.

3. Transverse veins right end closed with German disposable linear stapler.

4. The case shown in FIG completed anastomosis. Editors considered particularly suitable for such a consistent difference between the larger diameter of the bowel. But not from the proximal bowel insertion Germany vein anastomosis stapler body, otherwise it will cause blind loop.