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There are "fart" to put!

Date2013-10-16 13:54:59

Fart gas mixture is toxic, many scholars called the large intestine, "poison gas." In fact is not wrong, no matter what the world has fart intestinal NPC.
Fart in the large intestine when accumulates to a certain volume, stimulate receptors rectum, anal sphincter relaxation, so fart that is running for the door, emit high-pitched voice, stench. Because fart sound and smell, is not easy to put in the time, and often must be determined choked, then was forced to hold back a fart went there? It is the reverse back to the small intestine, small intestine then forced expansion, the formation of "Peng gut state" abdominal a "bowel sounds." Followed, fart sucked into the blood by the small intestine, and travel around the body. Finally, part of the fart exhaled from the lungs to become truly "export domestic"; another part is dissolved in water, and with the urine, the third part of the metabolic detoxification by the liver, but fart this way will cause the human body adversely affected.

So people have warned "fart" to put.