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Anorectal abscess is caused by what the?

Date2013-08-27 16:38:13

About 99% of the incidence of perianal abscess and anal gland infection fester related. Most normal anal gland located between the external anal sphincter, the anal opening is located in the crypt. When manure and bacteria entering through openings anal anal glands can cause sinusitis and anal gland inflammation, inflammation can spread to the surrounding tissue formation anorectal abscess. Each gap exists around anorectal usually populated by fat tissue and lymph tissue, loose tissue, abscess occurs when the infection in those gaps. Other causes of damage include, foreign bodies, proctitis, skin diseases.

However, it should be pointed out that some lesions from the anal gland infection is not, as some anorectal abscess can be directly derived from the fissure, thrombotic external hemorrhoids rupture, thrombosis after prolapsed hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids or rectal prolapse drug injection, also can be derived from the perianal skin infections, sepsis, blood disorders or direct trauma, but also from a few cases of tuberculosis, ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease.