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What are the early symptoms of colon polyps?

Date2013-08-27 16:40:42

Most polyps insidious onset , may have no clinical symptoms . Some of the larger polyps can cause intestinal symptoms, mainly in bowel habits, increased frequency , it was with mucus or bloody mucus , occasional abdominal pain, tumor from the anal prolapse have a handful of stools . Some patients with long-term blood in the stool or anemia. Patients often have a family history suggestive of the diagnosis of polyps .
Some typical symptoms often prompt parenteral likely polyposis , some patients symptoms often due to parenteral treatment, must not be ignored. For example occurs multiple osteoma and soft tissue tumors should consider the possibility Gardner syndrome , mucocutaneous pigmentation appears PJ syndrome should be considered . Some authors noted that patients with polyposis suspicious , even without a family history of polyps should be routine colonoscopy to rule out the possibility syndrome.
Because of the large intestine polyps often clinically asymptomatic, even if some of the gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating , diarrhea, constipation, etc. are relatively minor and not typical but often overlooked . And more generally to blood, stool , bloody mucus to treatment, and often misdiagnosed as anal disorders or " dysentery " and delay its necessary checks hemorrhoids , etc. Therefore, the diagnosis of colorectal polyps first physicians to raise awareness of the disease , where unknown cause blood in the stool or gastrointestinal symptoms, especially over the age of 40 middle-aged men should be noted for further examination. Thus , the detection rate of colorectal polyps and diagnosis rates are expected to increase .