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How to prevent anorectal disease?

Date2013-08-27 16:45:34

How to prevent anorectal disease? There are many lead lives of anorectal disease causes, but as long as we pay more in peacetime prevention, prevention of problems can be very good for these diseases.
1, more exercise:
Prevention of disease must first improve their own immunity, for anorectal diseases, too, as long as the usual active exercise to enhance physical fitness, to promote blood circulation, strengthen the local resistance to diseases, so as to achieve the purpose of anorectal disease prevention.
2, pay attention to personal hygiene:
In peacetime must do the cleaning work, especially near the anus must be kept clean to avoid infection. Note that in addition, be sure to frequently changes underwear, and adhere to a daily and after cleaning the anus, has a positive effect on the prevention of infection.
3, positive control:
In addition to attention outside of anorectal disease prevention, while already suffering from anorectal disease treatment must be as soon as possible, such as pouchitis and anal anal papilla go far, early treatment can prevent perianal abscess and anal fistula.
4, to avoid moisture:
Do not stay in a humid environment for a long time, do not let the ass especially long-term exposure of wetlands and other places, in order to avoid cold by the wet anus, causing infection.
5, early treatment:
If you find yourself surrounded by anorectal abscess phenomenon, do not be shy embarrassed, you should go to hospital for treatment as soon as possible, so as not to spread any gastrointestinal diseases.
For the prevention of anorectal diseases, in fact, no more difficult, as long as usual to pay more attention to some good habits, you can completely prevent it.