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Rectal prolapse vertical wall hernia is caused by what the?

Date2013-08-27 22:04:44


Mainly mothers, large pelvic tumors , intestinal cough , significant obesity, ascites, increased abdominal pressure caused by other factors, rectal fascia between the uterus and the rectum shame slack or broken tail muscle fibers , while the upper part of the uterus and vagina ligament laxity also defects , etc. More common in the maternal or post-menopausal women.

( B) the pathogenesis rectum ( internal ) off the vertical wall hernia is a full-thickness rectal prolapse straight intussusception and rectal wall recessed from the cavity , in the bowel intussusception occurs with the emergence of the straight , with the overlay reset disappear . In most cases, the presence of the rectal wall hernia sac time is very short, and often only a sac ( overlay ) exists. Hernia contents may have small intestine, colon , uterus , etc. , when it enters the sac will further aggravate the signs and symptoms of bowel problems .

In fact , rectal prolapse, intussusception caused by full-thickness straight inside the rectal wall hernia is not alone as a disease , almost all dimples deepened with Douglas Douglas pouch formed hernia coexist. In other words , static Douglas pouch hernia and rectal prolapse with defecation time , the full-thickness rectal wall hernia occurrence of intussusception straight emergence of pathological components were pelvic floor hernia . The difference is that : straight inside wall hernia sac composed entirely of the rectal wall ; while Douglas pouch hernia sac anterior cervical , vaginal wall , the rear wall of the rectal wall composition.