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Four kinds of people need to be especially vigilant anorectal disease

Date2013-08-27 22:09:56

Anorectal disease is one of the diseases most likely to occur in modern, we can say the cause of anorectal diseases are many, but the survey found that the most important cause of anorectal disease causes and occupation, diet, living habits are inextricably relationships.

With the incidence of anorectal diseases in different occupations, habits, and also the level of disparity, generally speaking the following four groups most likely high anorectal diseases:

1, do not concentrate on the stool

There are a lot of people in there when the toilet reading the newspaper, listening to music and other habits, especially when large newspapers in the books is their hands, which leads to the generation of anorectal disease. So to get away from you anorectal diseases, in addition to the usual toilet to get rid of these bad habits, but in peacetime must pay special attention to exercise.

Meanwhile in everyday life also should avoid prolonged standing and sitting, so combined with some reasonable exercise can be more effective in helping you rule out the risk of anorectal disease. For example, you can appropriate some brisk walking, jogging, playing badminton and other sports, these movements on the prevention of anorectal diseases are quite beneficial.

2, chronic constipation

Different occupations, work environment and therefore will all have different ways, such as some drivers, such as mental occupation is anorectal disease in high-risk populations. Nature of work in this population are generally sedentary, long standing based, long time without movement will lead to intestinal motility becomes slow and eventually lead to the formation of constipation. In particular, some prolonged constipation crowd, more likely to cause anal disease.

For these people in peacetime, it is best to stand and sit properly transform the way, so as to ensure smooth and intestinal peristalsis local blood circulation to return to normal state. And usually also be appropriate to eat some high fiber foods, such as coarse grains, celery, fruit, etc. These crude fiber contained in the food can promote intestinal peristalsis.

3, pregnant women

Pregnant women are another high-risk groups of anorectal diseases, in particular pregnant women at higher risk with anorectal disease. Because at the time of production because of the oppression of the anus directly affected by fetal blood reflux will eventually be some obstacles, there is a reason for this is the time when the delivery force, will eventually lead to anal venous congestion.

4, daily life is not the law

Modern life are mainly in the fast-paced, busy work together, so you can stay up late to work overtime is commonplace. Competition in the workplace so that many people have to endure a lot of pressure every day, so overeating is one of the ways some people to vent pressure. There are some people's tastes emphasis, particularly like to eat some spicy food stimulation, these factors are the cause of anorectal disease produced.

Therefore, in the usual best to a good health habits, regular eating regular sleep, but also should choose some healthy ways to release stress, such as billiards, sports, music, etc., which can help you a good catharsis pressure.

Anorectal disease vary, but if you do not timely treatment, most likely caused by a variety of major diseases, often some of the major diseases are caused by a number of small problems.